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ROBERT MORRIS: Titled "A Tomb for Frank (Jelly) Nash" (interesting conversation piece for sure) I will write the first few lines; A 1933 Chevrolet and a 1932 Dodge are found and fully restored. They are placed in the parking lot of the Kansas City, Union Station, in precisely the places they occupied on the morning of June 17, 1933 (with the help of UPI photographs and old police records this can be determined) Frank (Jelly) Nash's body----wherever it now is-----is disinterred and................................... This MINT CONDITION. THIS ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITION PRINT HAS NEVER BEEN FRAMED. It has a white border around the image. It measures approx 22 x 30 inches. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN A GREAT LIMITED EDITION ETCHING BY A VERY ESTABLISHED ARTIST WHO'S WORK IS IN MUSEUMS WORLDWIDE. I am posting many more super prints at a very low price at this time, so take advantage of this offer. Please see my other auctions.

ROBERT MORRIS A Final Tomb for Frank (Jelly) Nash

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